Competent Person Damage Prevention Trainings





TOPIC:                        Ohio’s enforcement of excavation activities near underground facilities has been in place for two years and penalties are accumulating quickly. OCA has a strong presence on the Underground Technical Committee, and we are seeing more and more violations of Ohio’s Dig Laws by both owners and excavators.  Further, The Department of Transportation has made this a national priority and is reviewing these reports annually.  Excavators are dealing with underground atmospheres becoming increasingly congested with facilities and structures.  Excavators must take proactive approaches and utilize provisions in current law that help an excavator identify and avoid potential conflicts before a shovel even hits the ground. Further, incidents caused by prudent excavation are on the rise.  This course covers this issue in two parts.  First, we provide you with tools to understand current “dig laws” and minimize misconceptions happening in the field during excavation. Second, you will learn how to properly document your site; even utilizing bid items for proactive documentation. This not only saves your company downtime and unnecessary costs, but most importantly, keeps your worksites safe. We deliver this material in a half day course with real-life situational examples you can relate to.  You WILL leave this course armed with valuable information to help your company avoid damage to underground utilities during construction operations!


DATES:                      February 20, 2018, & March 20, 2018


LOCATION:                Ohio Contractors Association

                                    1313 Dublin Road

                                    Columbus, Ohio 43215

                                    614-488-0724 / 800-229-1388 / Fax 614-488-0728


COST:                         $150.00 – OCA members; $175.00 – Non-members (Includes Box Lunch)


TIME:                          8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


SUBMIT TO:               Please mail reservation form with check to Ohio Contractors Association, 1313 Dublin Road, Columbus, Ohio 43215, or call Emily Pickens at 614-488-0724 for help with registration.